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Difficulty Ratings Are Here!

Difficulty Ratings Are Here!

Here they are, all of our puzzles listed by difficulty level! 

Wether you are choosing your first BetterCo. puzzle, a gift for someone else, or working your way up to the likes of Purple Succulents and Space Man, we think you will find this helpful.

This order was determined based on feedback from our puzzlers as well as the amount of repeated pattern and similar colors in each design, which increases the level of challenge.

What do you think, did we get them in the right categories?


BetterCo. Beach Day puzzle
Not Too Tough:
Marrakech Riad Puzzle by BetterCo.
Just Hard Enough:
Challenging Milky Way Puzzle by BetterCo.
Expert Level:
Difficult Purple Succulents Puzzle by BetterCo.
Puzzle Pros Only:
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