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Artists profiles, Puzzler interviews, and the latest BetterCo. news

The Puzzlers Gift Guide 2021

It's gift giving season so we searched high and low for gifts that your puzzler will love! We all know that actual puzzles are always a great choice, but here...

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The Making Of A Sustainable Puzzle

What is the Forest Stewardship Council and what does that have to do with puzzles? In 1993 an industry and NGO partnership was formed to created for the Forest Stewardship...

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Difficulty Ratings Are Here!

Here they are, all of our puzzles listed by difficulty level!  Wether you are choosing your first BetterCo. puzzle, a gift for someone else, or working your way up to...

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Celebrate Pride Month

At BetterCo. we have always believed that differences are joyful and should be celebrated, so we stand with our friends and neighbors in the LGBTQ community and we are excited...

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Artist Profile: Meet Illustrator Rebecca Rehagen

What's could be better than puzzles, cats, and plants? We spent a few minutes with illustrator Rebecca Rehagen to learn more about her artwork, her inspirations, her journey as an illustrator, and the design she created for the Shine Your Light puzzle.

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Artist Profile: Alexander Mostov

The illustrations of Alexander Mostov ask you to join him in the everyday joy of life. He is the artist that brought us BetterCo.’s Waiting for our Humans and Weasel Plant Care puzzles. Learn more about what inspires Alexander and how his style has changed over time.

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Artist Profile: Meet Evie Shaffer

The art of Evie Shaffer invites you to breathe in the calm, richness of the natural world. She is the artist behind BetterCo.’s Lush Flora and Bold Botanicals puzzles. Learn more about Evie, what inspires her art, and the process she uses to create each piece. Read More

Stay Connected with Back to School Puzzles

Kids are heading Back to School and this year that looks a little (or a lot!) different than in the past. We are parents too, and we know how important it is to stay connected with our kids, even if school is virtual from the living room. These are a few of our favorite puzzles to work on as a family. Read More

Puzzler Profile: Kelly from @MintyFizz_Puzzles

Kelly is a lifelong puzzler that now shares her puzzling adventures with others on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Her eye-catching photos, candid reviews, and bubbly personality have grabbed the attention of over 3,000 followers. Kelly has worked some of the hardest jigsaw puzzles including puzzles with over 9,000 pieces and another that had no picture. She is an absolute legend in the puzzle community—and is a big BetterCo. fan! Read More
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